Green Commitment

A decade of friendly environmental practices

Since 2008 in the Pelicano started with friendly environmental practices:
- Waste separation...this has been a eight years education process with our workers.
- We use Florex biodegradable cleaning products (which is a Costa Rican company dedicated to the production and marketing of products and services really environmentally friendly cleaning).
- The oil from the fryers is delivered to a company to make biodiesel with permissions from Setena (gubernamental office responsible for harmonizing the environmental impact in Costa Rica)
- In the Pelicano we seek to have fresh produce that grow organically in our farm in Bijagual, also, we support organic farmers using fair treatment and caring for the health of our customers.

- Organic agriculture is a green revolution full of advantages:

1. MORE HEALTH Organic products are healthier because they are free of toxic residues such as pesticides, antibiotics and synthetic fertilizers that are used to kill insects or pests and combat diseases... Food from organic farming are better assimilated by the body.

2. ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY When you consume organically grown foods, you collaborate in the environmental conservation and avoid pollution of land, water and air. Organic farming produces lower aerosol pollution, produces less carbon dioxide emissions, does not generate contaminating waste and helps to save energy because in the cultivation and processing of products we takes maximum advantage of our renewable resources.

3. MORE TASTE Organic products, are being made in more traditional methods to recover the original taste of food. Because they are organically fertilized, plants retain their authentic aroma, color and flavor.

4. DEVELOP THE AREA Produce and buy organic products in our area of influence not only generates welfare for nearby farmers, it also ensures the freshness of our food and reduces pollution by not having to transport products from distant areas. Furthermore, by avoiding the use of pesticides, organic farming also protects the health of agricultural workers.